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Jolly is a family nickname for Oliver, but is often shortened to Jol which rhymes with ball, wall, tall and y'all. I love hearing good jokes, telling bad ones, pickin' on guitars, playing outside, watching cartoons, and I've been drawing since I called it coloring.
I spent my early years in and around Boston, but somehow I never developed the wicked cool accent. At 14, I shipped off to boarding school in New Jersey where I miraculously mastered the delicate art of avoiding expulsion. After four years, I managed to graduate relatively unscathed and headed farther south to college in North Carolina where I eventually earned a BFA in painting. This opened many doors into the wonderful world of construction in rural North Carolina as well as a slew of various kitchen jobs. I was blessed with opportunities to "serve fries with that", pour concrete walls and operate heavy machinery. Occasionally, I even had the pleasure of turning “this here pile o’dirt” into “that thar pile o’dirt”. 
Luckily, a good friend noticed that my wheels had been spinning for way too long and pointed me toward The Creative Circus where, in spite of my neighbors thinking that I was an aspiring trapeze artist, I discovered the amazing concept that one can actually get paid to bring ideas to life. Since then, I haven’t looked back, but I do miss the heavy machinery.

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